Training with Context

America is obsessed with soreness, pain, and exhaustion as it pertains to training. We think that we have to train “all-out” all the time in order to make progress. However the human body doesn’t perform this way and attempting to push harder for extended periods of time can result in pain, injury, sickness or even death (okay maybe I exaggerated a little).
In fact, we need to look at our training in the context of our whole lives. As an example, I have two clients training for two separate marathons – one an elite professional runner, the other a recreational runner. As their running volume increases, our training volume has to be reduced / altered in order not to totally exhaust them. EVERY exercise I choose in our sessions is done to make their running better, easier, faster, etc. If I push them with more sets, higher reps, less rest, their running would suffer, their risk for injury and / or sickness increases dramatically.
Additionally, if you are losing sleep due to stress, work, a child, etc., training with a high intensity might make your problem worse while compromising your immune system. Rather than push harder (or further) take it easy and do some restorative work with lower intensity and focus on the little things like technique and high quality reps with plenty of rest. Work on correcting the sleep / stress issue first and subsequently your body will be able to recover better which means you can train harder. See how this works??
There is only so much of you. Spend it wisely. Train smart, train hard (when applicable), eat well, recover.

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I'm a strength and conditioning coach who helps people of all ages move better, feel better, and look better.

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