Training Sept 27th

Clients ask me all the time, “What workouts do you do?” I think that people think trainers perform outrageous training sessions themselves. And while we should be able to show AND go,  my personal training sessions are usually simple, involving the main movement patterns. To help breakdown the mystique, I’m going to share my training sessions here so anyone who’s interested can see how I train.

A) 1/2 kneeling 1 arm over head DB press (3 warm up sets)
5/3/7 ascending load
B) Vertical Pull 3×10
C) KB goblet squat 3×12
D) 1 arm DB row 3×10
E) kneeling Swiss ball rollout 3×8

So, I did 15 reps in a vertical press, 30 reps in a vertical pull, 36 reps in a squat pattern, 30 reps in horizontal pull, and 24 reps in anti-extension. Generally I try to do at least twice as much pulling as pushing for the upper body. Nothing flashy, just basic, fundamental exercises. I will continue to add my training logs and if you have questions, please post them and I’ll answer them.

Train smart. Train hard.