Resilient Runner Winter Clinic 2017

Are you looking to improve your running economy while reducing your risk of injury? Have you been dealing with one injury after another, always looking for an answer? Do you know where to start? The Resilient Runners Winter Clinic will show you the path.

  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Improve running efficiency
  • Develop new joint mobility
  • Run faster with less effort
  • Learn warm-ups and proper ways to apply plyometrics
  • Hands – On / Interactive

I’ve helped hundreds of athletes move better, get stronger, and run faster, while reducing their injury rates by incorporating smart training programs. This two-day clinic will help you get on the path to better running efficiency and help you avoid the pains that repeatedly sideline you.

What will be covered?

Day 1 – 90 min

  • Understanding principles
  • Soft Tissue Treatment
  • Mobility

Day 2 – 90 min

  • Mobility Continued
  • Motor Control
  • Including Plyometrics in your Training

Saturday Dec. 16 7:30AM – 9:00AM

Sunday Dec. 17 10:30AM – Noon

The two day course costs only $79 per person but is limited to 30 people. Reserve your spot today and don’t miss out on this opportunity.