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Are you looking to improve your running economy while reducing your risk of injury? Have you been dealing with one injury after another, always looking for an answer? Do you know where to start? The Resilient Runners Winter Clinic will show you the path.

  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Improve running efficiency
  • Develop new joint mobility
  • Run faster with less effort
  • Learn warm-ups and proper ways to apply plyometrics
  • Hands – On / Interactive

I’ve helped hundreds of athletes move better, get stronger, and run faster, while reducing their injury rates by incorporating smart training programs. This two-day clinic will help you get on the path to better running efficiency and help you avoid the pains that repeatedly sideline you.

What will be covered?

Day 1 – 90 min

  • Understanding principles
  • Soft Tissue Treatment
  • Mobility

Day 2 – 90 min

  • Mobility Continued
  • Motor Control
  • Including Plyometrics in your Training

Saturday Dec. 16 7:30AM – 9:00AM

Sunday Dec. 17 10:30AM – Noon

The two day course costs only $79 per person but is limited to 30 people. Reserve your spot today and don’t miss out on this opportunity.





Moving to Next Level last fall brought me the opportunity to work with dozens of high school and college athletes. With the spring club soccer season right around the corner, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about a few of the teams I’ve had the pleasure of training in the off/pre-season. The BSC 99 and 01 Girls were the first two teams to come to the “dark side” for training with me.

I spoke with their director prior to getting started and developed a plan. But from the screening, I knew that we had some things to work on to prepare them for battle during the season and that my plan would need some modification. Many of them had developed bad habits and lacked the total body strength, body awareness, and neuromuscular control necessary for a sport like soccer. The first four weeks of training must have seemed like physical therapy to them(some of the girls suffered soft tissue injuries over the previous year) and might have been a little boring compared to what they were accustomed to, to be honest. Hearing me say “make a double chin” or “vertical shin” probably drove them crazy, but they learned that laying a solid foundation is critical to their long-term athletic development.

The past six weeks were spent on developing a strength base and improving their conditioning. These girls stuck with the program and gained some much needed muscle and neuromuscular and core control. They are a lot stronger than when they started and by continuing their training during the season, they’re making a long-term commitment to improve and stay healthy.

Needless to say I’m really proud of these girls and they should be proud of themselves!




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This post has little if anything to do with training but volumes about life, generosity, kindness, and humanity. I just witnessed two of the most amazing and beautiful things I’ve seen in a long, long time. I’m going to set the scene so please stick with me and read on. (I didn’t do particularly well at grammar 100 years ago, so if I use too many commas, I’m sorry.)

I screened three teams of high school soccer players last night and collected a ton of data on them. This morning as I’m sitting at Magee’s Bakery having breakfast and a cup of coffee sorting through all the data and preparing to send emails, an apparently homeless middle-aged black man (I’ll call him Jerry) walked in to the bakery and took the closest seat to the door. It’s December 17th in Lexington, Kentucky and the unseasonably warm 60 degree weather that prevailed earlier this week has been replaced with a windy chill and temps hovering around 40. His old, slightly dirty, and tattered clothing are doing their best to keep him warm. Oddly, it looks like he’s carrying a small women’s purse which appears to have very few contents. As he takes in the upper-middle class scene (myself excluded) I can sense his trepidation to approach anyone. His once nice boots are untied and the heel of his right boot is no longer connected to the rest of the boot. His back is to me yet as he turns, our eyes meet briefly and I gave a quick smile before I return to my mountain of work.


Magee’s Bakery

I was waiting for Jerry to come ask me for money which I’m always hesitant to do. I would have gladly bought  him breakfast and cup of coffee, but he was obviously nervous to walk over and ask for a handout. And I was nervous to offer him anything and risk offending him. This time of morning Magee’s is bustling with people coming and going hurriedly on their way to work or to take the kids to school. He quietly asked a few people for something and they declined and walked out the door quickly. By this point, I’ve become almost obsessed with observing this gentleman and his interaction with other customers as if I’m watching it unfold on TV. Then, an attractive 30-something white woman wearing lululemon pants and a nice jacket walks toward the door and he asks her for some money, she says she doesn’t have any cash and carries her things out to her car. Moments later, she returns and walks to Jerry and offers him a cup of coffee or breakfast. He takes her up on the coffee, but didn’t want to pour it himself. Why, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the stigma of a homeless person walking to pour a cup of coffee without previously paying for it?

She then said, “Come on, let’s make it together.” (My mouth is agape at this point.) She was clearly in a hurry but took time to help this man and actually invited him to join her to make him feel more comfortable in a place where by appearances, he stands out. From across the restaurant, I watched him show her which coffee he wanted, she poured it and Jerry slowly walked back toward his seat. She then stood in the line which was at least 5 minutes long. (Remember, this woman already bought her food and took it to her car!) While she’s in line, he asked several other customers for money almost all of whom declined. One guy left and came back with a brand new pair of gloves and handed them to Jerry. With the cold weather that’s on the way for central Kentucky this weekend, Jerry could use the gloves as much as anything else. After paying, she walked back to Jerry’s table, handed him his hot coffee and a $10 gift card and with a smile and pat on the shoulder wished him a Merry Christmas. I gave her a kind smile as she walked out almost to say, “Thanks for being human.”

I’m still sitting her typing this post and watching Jerry ask people for a handout. Someone else brought him another pair of gloves, and a woman (who seemed to be a regular here) brought him a doughnut and a smile. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or just plain awesomeness but being witness to these few acts of kindness have almost brought tears to my eyes. You’re probably asking yourself, “why the hell didn’t you offer him something?” And to be honest, I’m not sure. Timing, atmosphere, not wanting to offend him, I don’t have cash on me…

I’m not making excuses for myself, in fact this reminds me that deep down, I think we all want to help people. It’s human. I’d like to help every person who needs it. But we can’t really do that. I may not have directly made Jerry’s day better, but I hope by being a quiet observer to this amazing scene, and describing it to you I’ve been able to help many other “Jerry’s”.


Jerry’s vacant seat with empty bag and coffee cup

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, etc. Let’s do our best to make the world 10% happier.


Training Oct 6th

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A) Incline BB Press 5×5
B) Reverse lunge from a deficit 4×6
C1) Suspended Row 3×10
C2) DB RDL 3×10
D1) 1 Arm Lat Pull down 3×8/
D2) Lying DB triceps extension 3×10
D3) 3 point plank 3x3x3 breaths


More ridiculousness from Louder Than Life…

Training October 2nd

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A) Landmine Squat 4×10
B1) Landmine Press 3×10/
B2) Lat Pull down 3×10
C1) Push Up 3×8
C2) Walking lunge 3×6/

I was experimenting with the landmine squats which is why I did 4 sets of 10. My legs and glutes felt sore over the weekend at the Louder than Life rock festival.


Training September 30th

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A) Trap Bar Deadlift 5×5
B) Incline BB Press 5×5
C1) RFESS 3×6/
C2) Kneeling Reverse Fly 3×15
D1) BB Biceps curl 3×5
D2) Side Plank 3x3x5 breaths

Training Sept 27th

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Clients ask me all the time, “What workouts do you do?” I think that people think trainers perform outrageous training sessions themselves. And while we should be able to show AND go,  my personal training sessions are usually simple, involving the main movement patterns. To help breakdown the mystique, I’m going to share my training sessions here so anyone who’s interested can see how I train.

A) 1/2 kneeling 1 arm over head DB press (3 warm up sets)
5/3/7 ascending load
B) Vertical Pull 3×10
C) KB goblet squat 3×12
D) 1 arm DB row 3×10
E) kneeling Swiss ball rollout 3×8

So, I did 15 reps in a vertical press, 30 reps in a vertical pull, 36 reps in a squat pattern, 30 reps in horizontal pull, and 24 reps in anti-extension. Generally I try to do at least twice as much pulling as pushing for the upper body. Nothing flashy, just basic, fundamental exercises. I will continue to add my training logs and if you have questions, please post them and I’ll answer them.

Train smart. Train hard.

Tina finished the London Marathon yesterday in 2:41:19, which sets a new personal best by 4 minutes! Additionally her second half was faster than her first half indicating she still had some left in the tank when she crossed the finish line. I spoke with her from London yesterday and she said she felt remarkably good (considering) and said she could have run harder.
As part of her coaching team, I’m thrilled for her with this result and looking forward to our next race.
If you’re a runner, chances are you need to fill in your training gaps with some serious strength and conditioning. Contact me and schedule an assessment to take your running and fitness to new heights.

If you’re an early riser or need to train before work the Rise & Shine Strength Camp may be right for you! You’ll train with me twice per week focusing on strength and conditioning and one day focusing on conditioning. Additionally, you’ll have access to our gym on your non-training days for guided cardio training. I’ll provide nutritional guidelines which will help you gain muscle and lose unwanted body fat.

  • Get in shape for spring
  • Lose fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Look better, feel better, and move better
  • Regular check-ups and assessments

Cost is $99 per month for 12 one-hour classes!

For less than $100 per month, you can get 12 training sessions per month AND have access to the gym?

What’s stopping you?

 Rise and Shine Strength Camp

Contact me to sign up or for more details.


As I mentioned in my article here, females are at a significantly higher risk for non-contact ACL injury than males across all age bands. Many of these injuries are preventable and I am hosting a clinic this month to help identify at-risk athletes and help reduce their risk while improving their athletic performance.

During this clinic, we will screen each athlete using clinically recommended tests to determine potential risk and examine athletes’ posture and movement abilities which may contribute to injury risk.

Who: Athletes ages 10-15
When: Saturday March 21st @ 12:00 noon – 1:30
Where: DR Fitness Systems
2428 Palumbo Drive #140
Lexington, KY 40509
Cost: $49 per athlete which includes video analysis, a foam roller, and a resistance band for exercises.

Sign up for the Screening and Clinic here.

Space is limited so sign up today! If you are a coach and would like to have your entire team screened (or would like to set up another time for a team screening) and receive a discounted rate, please contact me at