Clinics and Camps

Winter Wednesdays Conditioning


The Wednesday Conditioning sessions will consist of strength, agility, and acceleration training while improving fitness for athletes preparing for the upcoming spring club season. Specifically, athletes will develop body control and first step quickness which are critical to athletic development. We will train once per week for one hour each. Athletes should bring water and both cleats and tennis shoes to each training session.

What: 8 Weekly training sessions with focus on strength, agility, and acceleration

When: Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 PM January – February 2017

Where: Next Level

Who: Athletes 12 yrs and older

Cost: $79 per player (space is limited)

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LFC Strength & Conditioning Spring Prep 2017


Watts Performance Systems is pleased to offer the Strength and Conditioning Spring Prep 2017 for Lexington Football Club athletes at Next Level. The program is designed to prepare athletes for the upcoming season and will feature:

  • Eight-week session (January – February 2017)
  • Athletes train twice per week for one hour each session
  • Introductory assessment for each athlete
  • Supervised and structured strength programming to improve performance
    • Mobility, stability, strength, explosiveness, and conditioning
  • Age and skill-appropriate training
  • Focus on injury prevention
    • Reducing risk for non-contact injuries
    • Improving conditioning to reduce risk of fatigue related injuries
  • Feedback for parents and coaches
  • Athletes and coaches will learn beneficial warm-up exercises that better prepare athletes for games and practices (injury prevention & performance)

Where: Next Level

When: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30 PM (more times will be available if this group gets filled)

Who: Athletes 12-17 years of age

How much: $150 per athlete (less than $10 per session)

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Next Level Sports Training and

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Club Tryout Prep Clinic


Club soccer is a wonderful way for players to develop and advance their skills on their way to playing at the next level in high school and college.

Our “Club Tryout Prep Clinic” is designed to further assist athletes develop and improve the skill sets that are necessary to achieve a higher level of soccer performance.  During this clinic your child will be exposed to Coerver Ball Mastery methods to enhance their technical ability, advancement in their agility and ability to move with and without the ball, and the break-away speed skill sets that will give athletes a competitive advantage as they prepare for their club tryouts.

  • Monday/Wednesday @ 6:30PM – 7:30PM or 7:30PM – 8:30PM

(please pick one day and one time)

**if you wish to come Monday and Wednesday price will be $129**

  • April 25th & 27th, May 2nd & 4th, 9th & 11th, 16th & 18th, 23rd & 25th
  •  Curriculum
    • Agility: ladder variations, change of direction, collegiate/pro agility routines, etc…
    • Speed/Acceleration: body mechanics, resistance training, plyometrics, etc…
    • Technical: Coerver ball mastery, moves/feints, mirror exercises, running with the ball, ball striking/finishing, soccer tennis
**Please complete both a registration form (to give us information about your athlete and which session(s) you wish to attend AND the payment button to reserve your spot!**