Private Training – 1 on 1 training

1 Hour or 1/2 hour sessions         $50 / hr             $30 / half hour

Semi-Private Training – Training with 2-3 people

1 hour or 1/2 hour sessions          $30 / hr             $25 / half hour

Small Group Training – Training with 4-6 people

1 hour sessions       

$180 / month (12 sessions / month)

$120 / month (8 sessions / month)

Classes are limited to no more than 10 people to make sure you receive proper guidance and supervision.


Team Training – See Athletic Performance


Program Design – $99 per month (3 month minimum)

Do you need a new training program that is based on your goals and individual body type but you still want to work out at your gym? I will design a custom training program complete with strength, conditioning (aka cardio), mobility, soft tissue, and recovery prescription to help you achieve your goals and feel better in the process.

Fitness Coach – $240/mo (3 month minimum)

Fitness Coach is a great option for people who need some regular instruction and guidance but may not be able to train more than once per week. You receive: One – 1 hour Private training session per week, a custom training program for the days we don’t train together, monthly cardio program, soft tissue, mobility & activation exercises, nutrition program.

Professional Fitness and Corporate Wellness Consulting

Businesses and corporations are striving to create healthy work environments for employees by encouraging the development of Wellness Committees, including healthy options in vending machines, and offering health insurance plans that promote good health. I will work directly with Human Resources and Wellness Committees to create a healthier work place and foster a culture change toward improved health at your company. Whether a small business or a medium to large employer, I will collaborate with you to assess current conditions and identify potential areas for improvement within the work place.

I am also available for Lunch & Learn opportunities to discuss topics ranging from nutrition and exercise to injury prevention and general wellness. Please contact me directly at or 859-489-8053 to discuss options.

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